Sistemi Controllo Inline

PECOM-X integrated quality controls.

manroland web systems offers the highest degree of integration on the market. Part of this expertise is a quality package that includes inline control functions for ink density, color register, cutoff register, fanout, and lateral ribbon offset. A new innovation is the inline color control system for newspaper printing (IDC).

InlineRegistration Control: The color register control is the basis for optimum printing quality and precise color registers.

InlineDampening Control: Depending on the plate cylinder temperature, it meters out the required quantity of dampening solution.

InlineTension Control: The control function ensures uniform web tension, and thus reliable production and excellent quality during startups and production runs.

InlineCutoff Control: The cutoff register control uses a camera for highfrequency control of the exact cutting position via draw and register rollers, thus ensuring the quality of the finished newspaper.

InlineFanout Control: Provides additional non-contact compensation for fanout, a main cause of color register deviations.

InlineRibbon Control: Controls the lateral deviation of partial webs and ribbons.

IDCμ: “InlineDensity Control with micro-marks” is the fully integrated ink density control for newspaper printing. It off ers unprecedented process stability for newspaper printing. The press operator can carry out target value adjustment directly on the central control console. The required order parameters are provided by the PressManager. The subsequent evaluation of the ink density measurement takes place via the PressQuality reporting module.

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